Card Access Systems

Residential, Commercial & Corporate Accounts

Warren Security is a little different from most card-access companies and representatives. We are not “tied-in” or required to buy from one manufacturer or company. Warren Security buys from over twelve different card access control manufacturers that equipment which we have found does not cause us trouble. This also allows us to do a better job designing a system to fit more exactly your needs, requirements, and environment.

Warren Security is a little different from others in the business, we do the entire job. We are a licensed electrical contractor, locksmith contractor and alarm company. We know how to make the entire system work with doors, locks, fire and security systems as an integrated system.

Warren Security also fully supports our installations year after year. We support systems today that we installed in 1972 and the manufacturer is out of business. Our low monthly maintenance agreements end the need to worry about factory warranties of 90 days and one year running out and costs increasing.

Our systems can control access to buildings, secure areas, gyms and exercise rooms, equipment operation control, parking management, process monitoring, alarm control and monitoring, elevator control, protection of employees, control of lighting, landscape watering, HAVC control, etc. Our systems support all known card technology types. Push-button codes can also be used in place of cards or in addition to cards. With most systems, you tell or wire what the reader is to do when an authorized card is read. This our system can do, but we can program what activities are to happen by card. Our systems can operate as a stand-alone control or as a system for many buildings on the same site or a different locations.

Our systems are true current technology and can run on a standard PC. Turn on equipment, lights, lock doors etc., by time, date, event, or any combination thereof. A truly flexible system. Only the imagination limits what it can do.

Please call us and set a time to list what you want your access system to do. We will give you information and prices on a system that best meets your goals.

Warren Security offers a wide variety of security, fire and access control systems, each custom designed to fit the needs, desires, and environments of each individual customer and their business. If you have any questions, want more information, or would like prices for a particular situation or project, please call us at  415-456-7034 or send us an Email.

“Our only business is security – your security and your peace of mind.”