Automation Systems

Residential, Commercial & Corporate Accounts.

The limits of what our systems can do is just about only limited by one’s imagination. Listed below is an overview of the most often requested features of our systems.

Internet Connectivity:
Web-Link software by HAI allows you to adjust settings for lighting, temperature, security, and appliances over the Internet. Verify that your children have arrived home from school or check and adjust the temperature at home from your office PC — all with the familiar “point and click” friendliness of a standard web browser.

Energy Management:
Full line of communicating thermostats provides automatic control of your home’s temperature based on mode (Day, Night, Away), room occupancy, or outdoor temperature. This state of the art home technology ensures your family’s ultimate comfort and saves you
both time and money.

Scene Capability:
With the push of a single button you can transform the look of your home with true architectural lighting scenes. Create a dramatic or relaxing effect in your home to enhance your enjoyment of parties, family movie nights, or romantic dinners for two.

Appliance Control:
Never again worry if you’ve turned off the iron or coffeepot. Set your hot tub to be warm and ready when you arrive home from a hard day’s work. Save money by scheduling your water heater to turn off during the day when no one is home. All of this and more are handled by your Omni system with ease.

Telephone Access:
From the comfort of your favorite chair you can check the outdoor temperature, arm or disarm the security system, or adjust the lights and temperature – all from your home telephone. Out of town or on the way home from work? Simply call your system on the phone to check on the status of your house or adjust the lighting and temperature for your arrival.

Fire Protection:
In the event of a fire your air conditioner and electrical appliances are turned off to deter the spread of smoke and fire throughout your home. Optimal interior lighting aids in your family’s safe exit while the outside lights flash to alert the neighbors and fire department of your family’s danger. At the same time a silent signal is sent directly to your Warren Security UL listed Central Station to bring fire department response.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning):
Automated temperature controls allow comfortable temperatures for your home, including nighttime setback and adjustments for morning temperatures. The automatic setback of temperatures adjusts according to the outside temperature to ensure consistent comfort levels and savings on your utility bill.

A/V (Audio/Visual):
You can truly be king or queen of your castle. With options like touchscreens, voice recognition, and home theater controls, you can command your DVD player, stereo, and lights for the ultimate home theater experience.

Enhanced Security:
Your home will immediately alert you of all dangers, including: intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, freezing conditions, and water pipe breaks. Programmable variations of lighting and even audio from the stereo or television can make a vacant home look and sound occupied. In addition to alerting your Warren Security UL listed Central Station, our system can contact you over the phone, with full speech messaging, on up to eight different phone numbers, including your cell phone and digital pager.

Never stumble into a darkened room again fumbling for the light switch. Program lights to come on when a door is opened or when a car enters the driveway. Automated lighting sequences are available for “good night”, “good morning”, or “entertainment”, so all you have to do is press one button and relax. Or have your lights adjust automatically by time of day. Turn off all lights in the house at bedtime with one button ease.

Please call us and set a time to list what you want your access system to do. We will give you information and prices on a system that best meets your goals.

Warren Security offers a wide variety of security, fire and access control and automation systems, each custom designed to fit the needs, desires, and environments of each individual customer and their business. If you have any questions, want more information, or would like prices for a particular situation or project, please call us at 415-456-7034 or send us an Email –