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Warren Security Systems, Inc., was founded by Warren Glass III, in Sausalito, California. Warren started in business while still in high school, selling fire extinguishers to his friends. Later, Warren acquired a State of California license to recharge and repair fire extinguishers. As the business grew, additional services were taken on, such as installation of fire alarm pull stations in apartments and government buildings in and around Marin and Sonoma Counties.

In 1966, Warren gave up the fire extinguisher portion of the business and continued with fire alarm evacuation systems. Also during this time, Warren was completing his college education.

Warren Security really started as its own entity in 1967 when the first burglar alarm was installed in Warren's family home. From that first installation on, the business just grew by tremendous leaps and bounds. Peggy, who is now Warren's wife, helped install and service the very first alarms. These first alarms were usually connected directly to the police and fire departments. Because most police and fire departments don't want to have alarms in their stations, Warren Security opened the first 24-hour alarm Central Station north of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1969. Warren Security is one of a very few to meet the standards of UL for fire and security, listings and certificates, residential and commercial.

In 1976, Warren Security had its own specially designed Central Station and corporate offices built. Today, Warren Security is a leader in its industry as a member of Burglar and Fire Alarm Associations, and follows their code of ethics. Warren Security is also a leader in its industry by designing and testing new and innovative security ideas, along with providing genuine service 24 hours a day, every day.

The first concern of Warren Security is to provide each of our customers with peace of mind. This feeling is achieved by assuring a high standard of quality in our equipment and personnel. We feel the service and reliability of the alarm company is just as important as the actual system within the premises. Warren Security offers a wide variety of fire, access and security systems, every one custom designed to fit the needs, desires, and environment of each individual customer.


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Warren Security is not a franchise or similar operation locked into buying from one supplier. In not being restricted to buying from one or two manufacturers, we are continually able to purchase the most reliable equipment and components available today to provide peace of mind and security.

The Central Station is really the nerve center of Warren Security, where highly trained personnel monitor very sophisticated electronic alarm receiving equipment. Trained, experienced, and skilled personnel are ready 24 hours a day to dispatch instantly the type of emergency help you may need to your aid. Each system and dispatch procedure is individualized to your needs.

On August 22, 2003 Warren Security Systems sold its accounts to Alliant Protection Services with the understanding that they were going to keep the operation running as it had been for the previous 35 years under the leadership of Warren Glass. In January, after making some bad business decisions, Alliant Protection Services filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company continue to operate and take care of existing accounts under new temporary leadership. On May 20, 2004 the accounts were then purchased by PSI (Protection Service Industries, L.P.)

Warren is very disturbed that the the acquisition of the accounts did not turn out as he had planned. For over a year Warren worked to find a company he felt would take care of the customers and his long time employees.

After receiving many hundreds of phone calls from past subscribers, Warren Glass and Warren Security Systems, Inc. has returned to providing fire, security and access controls systems with UL Central Station services. It will take more than a year to build another UL listed Central Station so I have partnered with Total Monitoring Services for my UL Central Station Services.

Call Warren Security and see if we can help with your access, fire, security or automation needs.

"Our only business is security - your security and your peace of mind."

To learn what one of our systems can do for you, call us and arrange a time convenient to you for us to visit your home or business. Everything we talk about, including price, will be put in writing for you.



Providing services to Marin and Sonoma counties only


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